Sex: Female

DOB: Tbc (approximately 3 years old.)

Background: Australian bushfires victim

George is a survivor of the Australian bushfires. She came to us still covered in ash and very frightened. Unfortunately, like so many other animals, it’s suspected that 3 of her 4 kittens perished in the fire as they couldn't be found 😞 Amazingly, George played surrogate mum to another kitten that wasn't her's after the fires as that kitten had lost its family. George is so maternal, she took it in easily, breastfed and cared for it.

Despite her rough ordeal, George is VERY snuggly and loves humans. The minute you enter the room she's in she will run up and rub herself on your legs. She will try to affectionately and gently headbutt you so you will provide her more pats. 

However, George seems to be suffering from a little post-traumatic stress at the moment and is the most protective mumma cat I've ever seen. She HATES other animals going near her baby and will lash out. I'm positive all of this stress will subside but I think she would be best in a home with no other animals. In the time we have had her she has improved out of site and hasn‘t lashed out in ages. She even rubs up against my dog, Tempeh. However, I think she would just be best with The lowest stress environment possible - she deserves to be chill after all she has been through!

Her previous owner lolohed her dearly and you can tell that from how loving she is. Due to terrible circumstances, she had to be surrendered so she can find a new home that can cater to her  needs which her past owner no longer can.

Adoption price for her is still to be confirmed but will be around $180. This time I would prefer that George's new owner donates her fee to Animals Australia who are working tirelessly to help domesticated, native and farmed animals affected by the fires.