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Sex: Female

DOB: Tbc. Approximately 3 years old

Phoenix - application pending


Sex: Male

DOB: 16 December 2019



How do I know if a kitten is right for me?

 Before making the decision to adopt, consider the following questions:

  • Do you have time to bond and socialise? Cat’s get a bad rap as being an antisocial species, but that couldn't be further from the truth! To provide your cat with a good quality of life and so you are able to maintain a strong bond, you must have time for your cat.
  • Are you financially prepared?  some expenses you can expect include food, litterboxes, litter, toys, identification, bowls, parasite preventives, grooming tools, enrichment items (like scratchers and cat trees), and veterinary care. (That last one is a big deal, of course.)
  • Will you exercise your cat? Though you probably won’t walk your cat on a leash (though you absolutely can), you must exercise/play with your cat to keep them in good physical and mental shape.
  • Are you committed to creating a cat-friendly home? It’s important to have a cat friendly home. Not only should you provide your cat with cat-friendly items like scratching posts, cat trees and toys, but you must eliminate potential cat hazards. There are many things that can injure, poison and kill a cat including certain foods, medications, cleaners, chemicals, plants and more. Please make sure you’re aware of these items before bringing a cat home. 
  • Have you accepted litterbox duty? It’s no ones favourite job but it has to be done. Please make sure you are prepared and have talked through any potential disputes. Please also note that cat faeces is toxic to pregnant people.  
  • Are you prepared to make a long-term promise?Many cats live into their late teens, some have even made it to their twenties. Please make sure you understand that bringing a cat home is a long-term commitment you're making. 
  • Will you put in some work? Initially your cat might be frightened, timid, or might toilet incorrectly, especially if the cat you're adopting has had a rough start with humans. Do you have the patience to persist with a cat?

How much does it cost to adopt a kitten or cat?

Cats that find themselves in my care are available for adoption for the exact price their medical bills cost. Medical bills include desexing, vaccination, worming and flea treatment, microchipping and the vet consultation fee. I have agreat relationship with my local vet and I'm charged at rescue rates. Usually all of this costs $140-$190, varying on the sex to desex to the age of the cat (surgery is cheaper on males than female, and cheaper for kittens than grown cats.)

I provide a full breakdown of receipts. 


What happens if it doesn't work out?

Before you receive a cat, both you and I are making a promise that we believe the cat is going to the right home. I have lived with the cat for at least a month and know the cat intimately, so I try my best to pair the cat with a home I believe it will flourish, settle and be loved in. 

However, I understand that sometimes things happen or don't work out. That is okay. I just insist that you give the cat back to me, not another rescue, organisation or person. The welfare of the cats I foster is of the highest importance to me.

When applying, please consider answering these questions in your application form:

  • CAT: Please clearly state the name of the cat/kitten you would like. (You can list several of you want.)
  • PETS: If you have pets, please let me know what types, sexes and species/breeds?
  • PEOPLE: Are there other people that live with you? If yes, what is their relationship to you and are they on board with having a cat in the home?
  • CHILDREN: If there are children living with you please let me know a little about what experience they have with animals and how do you think they'll go having a cat
  • HOME: Do you own your home or rent? What set up do you have at home?
  • INDOORS/OUTDOORS: Will the cat be kept indoors, outdoors or both? Why?
  • EXPERIENCE: What previous experience do you have with kittens/cats? 
  • TIME: How much time will you have for the cat? Do you work long hours? 

Please know that what can be a negative for one cat can be a positive for another, so don't fear telling the truth and giving lots of detail.  

To apply, please scroll down to the form below

Why did I miss out on a kitten?

If you applied for a kitten and didn't get it, don't take it to heart! Not only do I want to provide the cat with the best and most appropriate home, but I also want you to have a cat you will love. Just like people, cats have big personalities and can thrive in different situations and with different types of people. For example, a cat might be best in an energetic home with kids and other animals, but another cat might be more suited to the quiet company of a single person in an animal free home. I just want to be the best match maker I can be for the benefit of us all!

Pet Exchange Number


Apply to Adopt

Before applying, please include answers to the questions outlined above.

Please check your email's Junkmail folder for responses from me.

Please also note that due to a large amount of applications, I am only able to contact successful applicants.

Kitties that found forever homes


Sex: Female
DOB: 1 August 2018

Sex: Female

DOB: 1 August 2018



Sex: Male

DOB: 1 March 2019

Popcorn (now Teddy-Pop)


Sex: Female

DOB: 1 March 2019



Sex: Female

DOB: 1 March 2019



Sex: Female

DOB: 1 March 2019



Sex: Female



Sex: Male

DOB: 7 October 2019



Sex: Female

DOB: 7 October 2019



Sex: Female

DOB: 7 October 2019

Heidi (now Freya)