Heidi - ADOPTED!


Sex: Female

DOB: 7 October 2019

Background: Young kitten surrender/accident litter/ hoarding

Collar Colour In Terra's Litter: Pink

Heidi is the daughter of Terra and sister to 3 other kittens - Renegade, Winnie and Effie. To be brutally honest, I'm thrown by Heidi being the last to find her forever home as she is the most affectionate and most easy-going of the litter!

Heidi is absolutely no fuss, just a sweet girl that wants to be close to you. I often find her sitting at the door, waiting for someone to walk through! She does have bursts of kitten energy where she bounds around the house and wants to play, but mostly she just wants to be in your bed warm and snuggled.

Heidi would be suited to many types of homes, provided she gets plenty of lovin'.

My daughter, Delphi, has bonded strongly with Heidi and Delphi named her as it is her "favourite name in the world." It will be bitter sweet to see this gorgeous baby go.