*Application pending. You can still apply to adopt Phoenix, but you will be next in line as there is currently a matched applicant. 

Sex: Male

DOB: 16 December 2019

Background: Australian bushfires victim

Phoenix is a survivor of the Australian bushfires; his name being “Phoenix” as he has risen from the ashes. He came to us still covered in ash and clinging to his protective Mum, George. Unfortunately, like so many other animals, it’s suspected that all 3 of his siblings perished in the fire as they couldn't be found 😞 

Despite going through a lot for such a little fella, Phoenix is an A-Class diva and still has plenty to whinge about, hahaha (we've noticed that all our male cats have been so much more vocal than the females!) That said, it's expected that he would still be crying out for his Mum at this early stage as she was the one that protected him. 

Phoenix is still very young and will have to be 1kg (approximately 8 weeks old) before he can be desexed in order to be ready for his forever home. So far he has been health tested post-fire and is in great condition.

Phoenix is being raised with children, dogs and cats so it is likely he will be able to adapt to a home with those already inhabiting it. 

Adoption price for her is still to be confirmed but will be around $140. This time I would prefer that George's new owner donates her fee to Animals Australia who are working tirelessly to help domesticated, native and farmed animals affected by the fires.